Saturday, April 19, 2014

The Glamourous Split Sleeve Dolman

The Glamourous Split Sleeve Dolman

I saw both the shirt and the dress in Burda and loved them both - AND the pattern is a 2 for 1 deal (dress and shirt) so I had to have it. I have a beautiful blonde friend who likes just like the model in the Burda Mag and would love to help her make the red dress (mostly likely make it for her!).

Anyhoo - I needed the shirt in white rayon.

Confession: I suck at making Burda Patterns - I always forget to add seam allowance, I'm too impatient for to add the seam allowance with proper accuracy and tracing off the patterns is always the most exhausting puzzle solving experience. Nevertheless, I love the lines of lots of Burda patterns, and they are mostly really "on trend" and so I subscribe to the magazine and never learn my lesson.

Technical notes:
1. I forgot to add seam allowance - again!!
2. I omitted the zip - any chance I can, and just finished the back seam and had a closure at the back.
3. I would shorten the length of the shirt as I'm quite tall and it's just a little too long, but manageable.
4. The plackets around the split sleeves are strange to assemble and require very precise sewing… not my strong point….

I added it to the Burdastyle community - which is something I like to do when i use their patterns. I find it really helpful to see other people's takes and makes on patterns. You can find me on there as Sophie11

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